Transfer all your content quickly and safely from your old to new phone!

Content transfer, backup and restore

Transfer all your content from an old to a new phone quickly and safely. Select content you wish to transfer to your new phone (contacts, calendar items, messages, bookmarks, music, photos, videos, documents and apps). You can also backup the content onto a USB memory stick and restore it to the same or other phones.

Supported devices

The service supports Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia phones and tablets. Transfer is possible also between different platforms, e.g. from Android to Apple.

What do I need?

You only need Windows or Mac computer with internet connection, old and new phone, and compatible USB cables.

Privacy and Security

The service guarantees a complete privacy; no data will be saved on the computer or to cloud services. To guarantee the payment security only well-known and reliable services like PayPal are used.

This is how the service works


Starting the service

PhoneSwitcher service guides you to connect the phones, enable settings and install the required drivers.


Transferring content

After starting you can see which content can be transferred to the new phone. Select the content you wish to transfer. By default all content is selected. Start the service by clicking the button Start transfer. Payment options will be displayed. After a successful payment, the transfer automatically starts.


After the transfer

After the transfer is completed, a Content Transfer Report will be shown. The service is available for your new phone lifetime. Content can be transferred from any phone to your new phone. In addition, a backup of your new phone can be created; the content can be restored to the same phone.

Piceasoft technology widely used by operators and retail shops is now available to consumers.